Introduction to ATC

The Alexandra Trampoline Club (ATC) catapults young dreams into reality.  Established in March 2000, ATC sees children and young teens bounce into new skills and a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

The Alexandra Trampoline Club (ATC) not only contributes to the physical development of children, youth and young adults but also sees to the social development of our members. We provide an alternative to crime, drugs and alcohol, changing the mindset of the youth towards clean thinking and healthy living.

aims and objectives

  1. To provide sport development opportunities for all participants to encourage skill acquisition and greater involvement in the sport of trampoline.
  2. To achieve the best preparation for the best high performance competitors.
  3. To support the development and delivery of high quality competition.
  4. To deliver structure and support mechanisms that will ensure consistent high standards of training for all involved in or seeking to become involved in the sport of trampoline.
  5. To foster better relations within and between the various communities.


  • Instruction in trampoline safety.
  • Coaching from qualified coaches (Entry level to National Team).
  • Opportunity to participate in competitions throughout the year.
  • May receive:  Regional, Provincial, National Colours.


  • Low impact exercise.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Cardiovascular fitness.
  • Muscle strength - tone.
  • Increases lymphatic circulation (bouncing eliminates toxins).
  • Bouncing or jumping is a cellular excercise (it is like getting every cell in your body to excercise).